In Mr. Universe, JIm Gaffigan takes what we all know about having kids, like the lack of sleep and the loss of personal time, and puts his own unique spin on it all. He comes off as funny I think because he makes his life seem so much worse than your own, no matter how terrible your kids might be. Have a look here:

Whether its having four kids or home births, Gaffigan gives you a look inside what for many of us is the road less traveled. Most of us stop after one or two kids these days. And, according to the CDC, while home births are on the rise, they are still less than 1 percents of all births in the United States.

Gaffigan is no Father Knows Best. He offers no real practical advice. At best, he is a cautionary tale. But he does have a good eye for the absurd. So hopefully the next time you are getting your kid down at 2 AM you can have a little laugh knowing that somewhere there is someone who is getting less sleep than you.


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