1. citibikeCiti Bike: Get your eco warrior a one-year membership ($95) to Citi Bike or the bike sharing program in your area. Somebody has to start using all of those bike lanes they have been building, right?
  2. Every Man Jack Body Kit: A natural deodorant doesn’t mean your partner will smell like he just came out of the woods. This is really a gift for you both.
  3. Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown: Father’s Day is meant to be enjoyed and so are Brown’s comic re-imaginations of the Star Wars saga. Even the most worn out dad will get a lift from this trilogy (with the third book due out later this summer).
  4. Breaking Bad: This TV series was so good, men cried when it ended. Whether your guy never saw it or even if he loved every episode he will probably love the complete DVD collection.breakingbad
  5. Ice Cream Maker: Summer is the time for ice cream. This will give your husband a new hobby and have the whole family eagerly waiting for the next batch. Just make sure you get the two quart version, as 1.5 quarts just isn’t enough when you have a few hungry mouths to feed.
  6. The Grilling Book by Bon Appétit: Dads love to grill.  Even if your guy is a self-described pro, he’ll learn something from the masters at Bon Appétit who take you through the basics from learning how to use charcoal to the finer points of adding some wood smoked flavor. There’s no reason for that chicken to be undercooked and the steak to be grilled to an inch of becoming charcoal too.
  7. Tickets to a Minor League Baseball Game: All levels of the minor leagues are kicking into gear. There’s not too much live entertainment out there that the whole family can really enjoy. This is one of them. All of the seats are good at these kids-sized parks and the mascots keep the little ones entertained during the breaks in the game.
  8. blackpigmeatcoBlack Pig Meat Co: Men love bacon. These pigs are heritage breed and the bacon is dry cured with brown sugar for up to 21 days. Breakfast won’t last nearly as long.
  9. Artkive: The app is a great way to save the kid’s art, share it with friends or order picture books for the in-laws. There’s no need to ever lose all of those early masterpieces of your young Picasso.
  10. Custom Printed iPhone Case: We all gave our father that coffee mug that said #1 Dad. Now you can personalize something that  he finds even more important than the morning cup of Joe: his iPhone. Put a photo of the kid or whatever he might like on the thing he is almost never without.

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