myfamilytableIt was real cold here on Sunday, so it seemed like the perfect time for some comfort food and to try out some recipes from John Besh’s My Family Table, which The Wife had just given me. If you haven’t seen the book yet, its a visual stunner. The food couldn’t look more flavorful and he blends it all together with images from his family and their Louisiana home to create a strong pictorial story.

That said the measure of a cookbook is still in its recipes. I decided to start simple and try out “My Grandmother’s Fried Chicken” dish. It called for soaking the chicken in buttermilk for at least 15 minutes, though Besh mentions how his grandmother would let the chicken soak overnight. I had some time, so I gave the chicken a few hours to tenderize. The skin came out crispy (thanks to the candy thermometer I ran out to get) and the meat was delicious. Everyone was licking their fingers and asking for another piece.

Unfortunately, The Kid didn’t seem to be in the mood for the fried chicken. He did however eat a lot of cornbread. I can’t take credit for that though. Whole Foods Market made that part of the meal.

The book offers a lot of good details on how to make a successful dish that I think the novice or experienced chef would appreciate. But what I really enjoyed were the way he blended together his favorite recipes with pictures and stories of family and friends. It really shows how food can bring people together. That’s the real comfort in comfort food, right?

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