If you have been watching the Olympics and have not skipped over all of the commercials you have probably seen a promo for the new NBC sitcom Guys with Kids. Not sure about you, but it’s easily my most anticipated new show for the fall. Clearly, NBC thinks there is a market there for comedies about raising young kids. Last season the network debuted Up All Night, with Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. Hopefully this effort will be more successful.

You would think sitcoms about pooping and sleep deprivation would write themselves, but apparently they don’t. While I still watch Up All Night, I couldn’t have found the show more disappointing, mostly because the characters weren’t that likable. Applegate and Arnett play two entitled professionals who manage to fit a baby into their lives, seemingly regretting the freedom they lost when they had their new baby. While the show tries to be funny by making the entire cast pretty ridiculous, the selfishness of the two lead characters is hard to get over, at least for me.

Guys with Kids seems to be trying to correct the errors of Up All Night, in that all of the characters seem down to earth and engaged with their kids. At least, that’s what I get from the trailer. I hope the show delivers come September.


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