Truth be told, I had always wanted an ice cream maker, but I thought it was one of those wedding presents that you never used and just took up shelf space. So I had managed to hold off. We kept ourselves happy with a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s always at the ready in the freezer.

Then suddenly our lives changed. I got home a few weeks ago to find that The Wife got me an ice cream maker as well as a recipe book, The Perfect Scoop. She knew I had wanted one. And she really loves ice cream. That’s the sort of balance that makes for a good marriage or a fat couple. Fortunately, we are leaning towards the former at the moment.

To kick things off I made a mango sorbet because I had all of the ingredients in the house and it was a pretty straightforward recipe. It was delicious, but I put a little rum in it so it wasn’t completely family friendly. The Kid would have to wait a bit.

I figured before I got too fancy it would be best to master the basics. So I set out to to make vanilla ice cream. Kind of like making the perfect omelette, I thought this was probably going to be more difficult than you might think. You can make a very simple batch of vanilla ice cream, but the recipe in The Perfect Scoop was much more involved. It called for a lot of egg yolks and even more whipping. If you don’t want to buy the book you can find the recipe on

The aroma of the vanilla beans filled the apartment as I stirred the mixture of eggs, cream and sugar. I knew then that it was going to be good – just as long as I didn’t stop stirring and burn the batch. There was a close call or two as The Kid finished his lunch mid-way through, but he was a trooper and let me finish the task at hand. He must of known at some level that I was making something for him.

We devoured the whole batch for dessert that night. The Kid having more than his fair share. Ben & Jerry’s is still pretty good, but this was something special. Whoever came up with the phrase, ‘plain vanilla’ never had this dish. It was a dessert that needed no adornments.


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