Of all of the big ticket purchases I’ve made for The Kid, the one major mistake I made was to buy a budget jogger. The first jogger I bought was the Jeep Overland with a front fixed wheel. If the name Jeep stands for something rugged and durable in your mind, don’t be fooled into thinking this stroller is anything of the sort. The wheels are poorly attached and start to wiggle around almost from day one. You probably also don’t want to get a stroller that has a purely fixed wheel as it limits what you can do with it. The best joggers have a lockable front wheel for jogging and a release for when you are just walking around and want some maneuverability. A fixed front wheel also makes it difficult to fit in your trunk because it doesn’t pack very well. Lastly, the canopy is insufficient to keep a late day sun out of your kid’s eyes, as it doesn’t extend very far.

The BOB Revolution SE Stroller solves all of the criticisms mentioned above. It’s built tough like a tank, yet it is still light and maneuverable. It feels as if it should last for years – maybe even through a third kid. The BOB Stroller costs about twice as much as the Jeep Overland (and that’s before some attachments you might want to buy like a rain cover), but it seems well worth it as it is a much smoother ride and won’t leave you worried about when it is going to fall apart.

The company name used to be Beast of Burden. It’s called BOB now because it is simpler and a little catchier. But the idea still seems to be the same in that they construct a stroller that’s really well made and ready to work.



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