I think most Americans are a little lost in trying to understand why soccer is the most popular sport on this world. After all, at least the teams score a few runs in a baseball game and football has a lot of action (ie, violence). If soccer is the beautiful game, then beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

A few weeks ago I learned what every soccer mom or dad must know. The Kid just turned a year and while he is pretty good at throwing the ball around the room (lookout Nolan Ryan), nothing came more naturally to him than kicking a ball. He watched me do it once while carrying him around in my arms and then after I put him down, with me holding onto his arms for balance, he started chasing and kicking the ball over the place.

Over Christmas The Wife, The Kid and I had a terrific game of two on one soccer, with the couch as the goal. Never was a player more exuberant on his first goal. It was truly a beautiful game. I’m still looking forward to that iconic first catch with The Kid, but dribbling a soccer ball around the park will be a lot of fun too.

One Response to Why soccer (I mean football) is the most popular sport in the world

  1. The Wife says:

    The Kid has a great coach.

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