Brunch isn’t the most beloved meal of the week just because of the  smoked salmon, bagels and cream cheese that you get to nosh on. What really makes it complete (besides your big fat New York Times) is having the whole family together sharing the same meal. If the want proof on the superiority of brunch, how often is it eaten in front of the TV and how often is the family dinner combined with a healthy side order of must see TV?

So what are you supposed to feed your kid while everyone else is fighting over the white fish? Here’s my take on brunch for your little toothless wonder when mashed banana just won’t do it.

Baby Brunch

1/8 cup scrambled eggs (optional: add onions and tomato to the eggs to make them a little sweeter)

1/8 cup sour cream

1/2 piece of bacon fried or microwaved

1 tablespoon baby oats (optional)

Combine ingredients in food processor. Add water to help with blending and to achieve consistency appropriate for your child. After adding the necessary water to get a fine consistency to the mix, I found it to be a little watery, so I included the oats to give it more body.

When using bacon I suggest a sustainable brand to cut down on the negative additives for your kid. My favorite is from the Black Pig Meat Co. It will give the Baby Brunch a nice sweet and salty flavor that will leave your child plotzing over the spread as well.


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