I knew right away when I saw it on an episode of Martha Stewart – that was the nursery furniture that I wanted for The Kid. ducduc was not only sustainable and locally made, it was also beautiful and modern. When I got to their website, I realized quickly that The Kid might not get the nursery of my dreams. It looked like a crib was going to set us back maybe $1,600. As it was something we might use for less than two years that seemed like a real big bite. Still, I was undeterred. I went to their showroom in lower Manhattan to see it all up close and personal. It was every bit as beautiful as it was on their website. The staff was also super friendly However, seeing it live couldn’t help me make it work financially. So that night I started surfing the web.

It turned out Amazon.com had started to carry this beautiful infant/toddler line from Atlantic Furniture. We ended up getting a changing table and crib. Atlantic Furniture is also an eco line, but for a lot less green. The furniture is solid wood made from rubber trees that were at the end of their latex-producing life cycle. The finishes are non toxic.





It doesn’t have the same modern styling, but the changing table comes fully assembled and the crib was very easy to put together. Maybe we can get The Kid the eco bedroom of my dreams once he heads off to nursery school. Until then I think we will all be pretty happy. He hasn’t complained about the old school design yet. And I can dream about the next trip to ducduc.


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