This post isn’t for parents who place their infant in the crib and then come back to pick her up 10 to 12 hours later. Rather, it’s for the parent that might be at their wits’ end on how to get their kid to sleep.

No one would really describe our child as a good sleeper. He was colicky from about 6 to 14 weeks. And it seems like most any little thing still can wake him up from nap. When he was less than five months old he could be nursed to sleep or he might fall asleep after having a bottle. But over the past few months (he’s seven months old now) it’s taken a few new tricks to get him to take a nap during the day. Even the old tried and true routines like a walk in the stroller don’t seem to work as well these days–he’s too interested in the scenery perhaps.

What really does work for me these days in the Ergo Baby Carrier. I don’t really use it as a way to get the kid around town–I like the stroller for that–but it you can’t beat it as a way to get The Kid to sleep in really just a matter of minutes. I either take him for a quick walk outside or just bouncing him a little while walking around the apartment works almost as well.

I’m not really sure what makes the Ergo so soporific. Maybe it’s the natural way it holds the baby close to you. But it really doesn’t matter because it works. The only problem is what to do once he falls asleep. I find it near impossible to lay him down in the crib afterward. I end up grabbing a book and sitting down on the couch with him still attached to me while he takes his nap. I’ll take a sleeping baby (attached or not) any day. Any advice on how I might improve the situation?



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