The Kid is now six months old, so we decided to add in sign language to hopefully help with our communication. The stream of language we throw at him must be a little overwhelming. Adding in a few key signs just seemed to really make sense. To my amazement, we got some results after only a few days. As has been previously noted, we have been giving him solid food for almost two months now, so we also give him some water from his sippy cup to keep him hydrated and help him wash down his solid food. At this point, there is really nothing he loves more than his sippy cup. For the past few days before I give him his cup, I started signing the symbols for drink and water and today he burst out in excitement with the two signs. His beloved sippy cup was on the way and he seemed to know it.

We’ve been using Teach Your Baby to Sign by Monica Beyer. I guess it has been working. If only The Kid learned the sign for sleep first. That would truly have been a miracle. I’ve also tried the latest best seller, Go the F**k to Sleep, but that hasn’t worked too well either. If only there was an easy sign for go the f**k to sleep.


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