My wife and I really love guacamole, so getting The Kid with the program was a pretty high priority–the family that dips together, stays together. The first recipe I tried was from The Baby and Toddler Cookbook. Its version of baby guacamole was a mixture of avocado and cucumber and a dash of cumin. Unfortunately, at five months The Kid thought this was pretty bitter (or that is at least how I interpreted him spitting out the food), forcing an alternative meal to be quickly prepared.

Not to be deterred, I decided to start from scratch once he turned six months. We would have to eat on the family vacation to Cancun, right? Anyway, by scratch I mean pure avocato. I don’t think anything gets the taste buds going better than mashing up the food right in front of The Kid. So I took a fork and turned a half an avocado into a soft mush. With all of the anticipation, perhaps he couldn’t help but like it. But he didn’t just like it, he loved it. The ripe avocado was plenty sweet and he devoured most of what I prepared.

A couple of days later I tried a slightly creamier combination:

Baby Guacamole

  • One half a ripe avocado
  • One tablespoon sour cream

Mash until smooth. If necessary add water, formula or breast milk, to get the appropriate consistency for your child.

This went over really well too. Both recipes are really sweet and creamy. I can’t wait to offer up some more complex recipes as he gets older. I can imagine the smile I will get when The Kid has his first deliciously salty chip.



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