When you go to the zoo, on one hand, it is for pure entertainment value for your kids. That’s the main reason I go there. My kid gets a kick out of the penguins in the Central Park Zoo in New York. The Bronx Zoo is pretty awesome too, though perhaps it is a little too much to appreciate for The Kid, who is not yet six months old. But the big picture for these zoos or any zoo really is that they are out to preserve wildlife. The tagline of the Wildlife Conservation Society which runs the Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo among others is “Saving Wildlife and Wild Places.” And they do offer lots of eco tips for us to practice.

The Wildlife Conservation Society is a global organization with thousands of employees but for some reason it hasn’t gotten around to selling sustainable food at its zoos. (It probably took a long time to write those tips.) You can find a salad, but Pepsi rules the day. Organic products are the real endangered species within their walls. So I was pretty ecstatic this spring while walking through Central Park on the way to the zoo when I saw two Good to Go Organics trucks.  Apparently these are two of the first three for this sustainable startup.

The trucks are filled with all sorts of organic goodies. Most of the meat items are from Applegate Farms. Throw a little mustard on and its a delicious sustainable twist on the classic street vendor New York City hotdog.

It’s a shame because unsustainable food really does lead to a decline in species diversity. The Wildlife Conservation Society does do a lot of good work–if only the food in its cafeterias didn’t look a poor second to the (farmed?) fish I’ve seen them feeding to the penguins. Perhaps the Society will let Good to Go Organics park a truck inside its walls. It still might not be alright to feed the animals, but at least the people would be safe.



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