Being a new father is an incredible challenge. Here are ten things that will make your life (and your kid’s) just a little easier. These aren’t bad ideas for Father’s Day either.

  1. A Diaper Bag You Can Call Your Own (But Suits You Both): You might as well get used to the idea now, you will be changing a lot of diapers. That said, you only really need one diaper bag, so get one that suits you both. The Skip Hop Duo Deluxe is that bag. All Skip Hop products have their own distinctive style, but you can’t go wrong with basic black as you are strolling around town looking for a clean changing table.
  2. Tablet Computer: I’m an iPad fan. You can surf the web or read that good mystery novel while your kid is feeding or sleeping on your lap. You may want to think about the Kindle though, as it is a much cheeper and a little lighter, which can make one-handed reading that much easier.
  3. All-Terrain Stroller: You want a stroller that can do it all. The UPPAbaby Vista won’t let you down. It’s sort of the SUV of strollers (except it’s eco-friendly). You will own the sidewalk. It has more functions than you may ever figure out. It was still surprising me after a few months of use. And did I mention that you will never have to carry groceries again?
  4. A Play Mat With Some Give: You will be rough housing with your kid before you know it and she will be falling more than you can imagine. Get a play mat that has some bounce to it. The Dwingular Eco-Friendly Play Mat should do the trick.
  5. Bottles Away: Mom will do the nursing, so formula will probably be your job. Find a good bottle that won’t pump too many chemicals into your kid. We like the Born Free bottles. In terms of formula, Earth’s Best is also true to its name in our opinion.
  6. Know Your Kid: Your Baby’s First Year Week by Week will tell you everything you need to know as your child develops.
  7. Smart Phone: There will be so many priceless moments. You always want that camera or video recorder handy. Better just to have it all in one device. The iPhone 4 with it’s two-way lens is great for the self portraits of you and the kid. Your kid will love it too, so make sure you hold onto your old phone so he has something to chew on.
  8. T-Shirts: Everything you wear around the kid will get ruined. Get yourself that t-shirt you don’t mind destroying. Work clothes are for work. Home clothes are for drooling on.
  9. A Good Book: Goodnight Moon is the classic. You might eventually get tired of it. But your kid won’t. Make sure you get the board version to make sure it lasts for years.
  10. Go To Toy: Find that toy that will soothe your kid when everything seems wrong with the world. It probably plays some music and is easy to chew. This octopus from Baby Einstein works well for our little one.

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