I think dads can definitely put on the baby weight. Between sympathy eating and gradually losing that me time that you would have normally spent at the gym, an expecting father can easily put on a few pounds. I put around around 15 towards the end of the pregnancy.

Now that The Kid has arrived, free time is so precious, a baby jogger has to greatest invention known to man. Otherwise trapped, it offers a real outlet to the outside world. I got the Jeep Overland from Amazon. It was under $200. While I’ve had problems with the odometer and the speakers don’t seem to work, I’m still pretty ecstatic with it. And surprisingly The Kid just loves it. He starts to get giddy as I put him in. Not that I run that fast, but I think he loves the speed and just being out in the open air.

I was a little sheepish when I first started to take him out. He was just four months, but he had good control of his head already and could sit-up with only a little support. We also have a great smooth road for me to take him jogging on. It’s actually an easier ride than a normal walk in the carriage on the bumpy city streets. Though I think sometimes what’s good for dad is also good for baby.

I still haven’t lost the baby weight, but at least I’ve been getting in some good runs in. Maybe as The Kid gets bigger I’ll burn even more calories. If not, at least we’ll both have a fun time running through the park.

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