Our doctor advised us that we could start The Kid on solid foods anytime after four months if he showed real interest. She also advised us to try to be adventurous, because what they have been finding is that infants that are exposed to a wide variety of foods and flavors are better eaters as they get older.

Well, at about 4.5 months The Kid looked pretty jealous of all of the good food we were eating. We weren’t really quite organized yet with the food processor so his first meal came out of pouch: Plum Organics – Pumpkin & Banana. I gave it a taste first and thought it was pretty delicious. Apparently he did too, because he went after it like a trout goes after a nice juicy fly. He was hooked right away.

It was incredible to see him grab the spoon  to bring the food into his mouth. I was just hoping he would eat. Who knew he would be so civilized.

I guess we have a good eater on our hands–or so his great grandparents would say.


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