I wasn’t shocked, but I was definitely disappointed when I read Dominique Browning’s op-ed, Hitting the Bottle, in The New York Times. We like to think that when we buy a BPA-free product for our children that whatever is replacing the BPA isn’t harmful. Unfortunately, BPA (or Bisphenol A) serves an important function–it helps harden plastics. It’s not simply a matter of removing it. It also has to be replaced. It turns out that manufactures are just turning to other chemicals from the same family, such as Bisphenol S. Limited testing has shown that it has some of the same estrogenic properties at the dreaded BPA.

It’s really easy to get hooked on plastics early with a newborn. You leave the hospital with those lovely and convenient two ounce samples of formula in hygienic plastic containers. Plastic formula bottle are so light and they won’t break. Needless to say, we got a quite used to using all of these, as there never seemed to be enough breast milk for The Kid.

Well, we are now reformed. We ran out and got the glass version of our baby bottles. BornFree is kind of enough to give you both options. The bottles seem sturdy enough. And they are pretty light. Now what to do about the sippy cups? I guess there really is no free lunch.

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